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The academic excellence at EBENEZER has, over the years, attracted children not just from the states through the length and breadth of India but even from countries such as Bangladesh, Canada, China, Finland, HongKong, Korea, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well.

EBENEZER boasts of an enviable track record in academics. Much the same way it stands high and tall on the hills of Yelagiri, EBENEZER has thus far stood and continues to move forward among schools in the district of Vellore, having received accolades from the Government of Tamil Nadu for securing 100% success in the Board of Examinations for Standards X and XII, year after year.

Students have secured state ranks and centum in various subjects in their Board Examinations and have received awards and scholarships from the Department of Education, thus bringing pride and honor to EBENEZER.

A curriculum-based evaluation process features students being periodically evaluated in their subjects by way of monthly tests. This exercise is aimed at motivating them to constantly improve and upgrade to eventually reach state ranking levels.

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