Hermon Hostel - Senior Boys

Hermon Hostel for boys is comfortably and aesthetically designed by a well experienced Architect. The built-up area of the three-storeyed hostel building is 16000 sq.ft., with spacious, ventilated rooms and an adequate number of toilets and bath rooms. Each room accomodates four boys and each floor is supervised by a resident Warden.

Bethany Hostel For Girls

Bethany Hostel for Girls was a later addition and is one amongst the on going creation of facilities for the boarders.

The Bethany Hostel is a two-storyed building of 10000 sq.ft., with a basement.

Girls at the Bethany Hostel

Lady wardens, matrons and helpers take care of the girls and the primary children from class III.

Girls at study in the Bethany Hostel

Bethany Hostel is a compact block with furnished study hall.

Canaan Hall - Dining-cum-Junior Boys Dormitory

The Canaan Hall with a built-up area of 20000 sq.ft., has Dining facility on the Ground Floor and Dormitories for boys of Stds. VI to VIII on the upper floor.

A Night View of the Canaan Hall

The Indoor celebrations and various other programme at Ebenezer Residential are hosted in the Canaan Hall.

Each of the thoughtfully designed & homely rooms consists of the following facilities and comforts:
  • High ceiling, High level open type ventilation, window openings on both sides of the rooms for free air circulation.
  • Cabins to stock empty trunks/suitcases.
  • Books & Stationery shelves.
  • Cupboards for toiletry articles.
  • Shoe-rack.
  • Closed circuit TV System with TV Corner.
Rooms are attached with the following accessed provision.
  • Spacious luggage room for storing/stocking extra luggages.
  • Separate independent facility for each sub-warden, in each floor.
  • TV System is connected to Dish Antenna. The relay is centrally controlled.
  • Common bathrooms, toilets, urinals and wash basins.
The following accountable services are available at the Hostel:

The residential laundry personnel take care of the daily collection, washing, drying, ironing & delivery system of students’ soiled clothes/dresses.


Mending, Button stitching, Altering of clothes/dresses are taken care on Monthly-basis through the Tailoring Department.

Barber and Cobbler:

A well-furnished saloon is functioning for the convenience of students & residential staff’s hair dressing needs.
Repairing of Foot Wear is also taken care.

Colour Cable Television:

Channelized service of the Entertainment TV Network is made available in the Hostel and the TV Schedule is monitored and centrally controlled by the resident Wardens.